Daughters of Charity

In 1633, St. Vincent de Paul, a humble French online loans application system priest, and St. Louise de Marillac, a widow, founded the Daughters of Charity to serve the poor. Prayer and Community life were essential elements of their life style. The Constitutions of the Daughters of Charity tell us, “At first, they nursed the cash advance San Francisco Cali. sick poor in their homes, in towns and villages; then, as needs became known, they cared for the sick in hospitals, poor little girls in need of instruction, foundlings, galley slaves, and wounded soldiers, refugees, the aged, the insane account checking loan payday without and others.”

In the same spirit, the Daughters of Charity respond to the many forms of poverty today. They are called to be available and mobile, so they can serve wherever they are needed.

The basic “work” of the Daughters of ics loans Charity revolves around service to the poor. Their ministry is to respond to the changing needs of the poor throughout the world, which includes ministries in elementary and high schools and universities, religious education, parish ministry, skilled nursing personal loan for tuition fees facilities, multi-hospital systems, clinics, day care and neighborhood services, services and residences for the aged, social services and Catholic Charities offices, prison ministry, advocacy, homeless shelters, children’s residences, homes for retired Sisters, rural ministry and outreach services.