Start a Sewing Co-op

Many of the students who finish their education at the local polytechnic have no local opportunities to work. Because of this, the Daughters of Charity are planning to launch a sewing co-operative that will provide jobs and training. The co-op will be managed, operated, and eventually owned by the Pokot workers. What is needed is the start up capital to buy equipment, materials, and training.
That is why we need your help to raise the funds to get this important project off the ground. Our goal this year is to raise $5,000 in start up funds for this initiative.
Chepnyal sewing
So far $3,000 has been raised.
If you would like to contribute, click on the donate button below:

  • $5,000¬†funding goal
  • $3,000¬†raised
  • 9¬†supporters
All your contributions will go directly to the completion of this project. Not one dollar given is used for administrative or organizational costs. We will do our best to keep all supporters updated on the progress and eventual completion of this project. Thank you for your gracious support. Asante sana!