Build a Nursery

One of the greatest educational needs the Pokot children currently have is the most basic of all: a place to go to learn. In this remote region there are some villages which are miles and miles away from the nearest school. To get to school some children walk for hours every day. For many, especially the youngest, this is too difficult to maintain. Therefore despite their desire, they are left out of the early, most important, stages of an education.
That is why we need your help to build a nursery. A typical nursery costs $1,000 USD. Our goal this year is to build 3 nurseries throughout the region.
So far $1,590 has been raised.
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  • $3,000¬†funding goal
  • $1,590¬†raised
  • 7¬†supporters
All your contributions will go directly to the completion of this project. Not one dollar given is used for administrative or organizational costs. We will do our best to keep all supporters updated on the progress and eventual completion of this project. Thank you for your gracious support.